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Letters to the Herald

We should not be “at” where Sen. Graham believes America should be


A federal ban on abortion “should be where America is at” proclaims South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Not only is this statement ungrammatical, it is uninformed, unfeeling and unfair, dripping with an entitled unwillingness to recognize that women have a right to their own bodies, the right to the same autonomy that Graham and his fellow men enjoy.

No, Sen. Graham, this is not where we should be “at.” Where America should be “at,” Senator, is where health care and family planning are easily accessible and affordable.

Where the right to choose lies solely with the one choosing, never with someone who wants to choose for us.

We should be “at” a place where there is universal financial and educational support for single mothers, victims of rape and incest, for low-income families and young children.

Where we should be “at” is a place that gives all people opportunities, not one that forces a woman to have a child, but denies any support once that child is born.

Your “at,” is a place of unheeding “let them eat cake” arrogance, of subjugating women as you pursue this conservative path that seeks to circumscribe the choices and freedoms of women now, of how many others soon if given the chance?

Your grandstanding “at” would cause more harm than good. It is most assuredly NOT where this country should be at.

Deborah DiMicco, Newtown