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Water quality a worry in Bucks


Dear Friends,

Good morning. In a moment, we’ll address the Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate. But first, did you see that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) brought bad news to Bucks County’s creeks?

The analysis shows that water quality is deteriorating in the creeks of the Newtown, Unami, Morgan, Tohickon, Three Mile Run, Morgan, Molasses and Mink Run and Licking Run.

The DEP says that development is the cause. A mix of siltation running off from agriculture, combined with newly increased urban runoff and habitat loss, is throwing their ecosystems out of whack. We’ll see what DEP orders to repair the water quality.

Meanwhile, did you watch the Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate last Wednesday and Thursday nights? Mighty Betsy and I did. As you know, MB is a Democrat while I remain a disgruntled Republican. Many of my critics claim that I’m a “RINO,” short for Republican in Name Only.

Just before the debates began, two Donald Trump stories jumped out at me. The first was the tragic picture that ran in every newspaper in the land. Lying drowned in the Rio Grand River were a father and his twenty month old daughter. While Donald Trump was not the assassin, his policies at our southern border certainly were the direct cause. As he constantly does, Trump blamed congressional Democrats for inaction. … What hogwash!

The second story was the claim that “Elle Magazine” advice columnist Jean Carroll had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump 23 years ago. Trump told reporters that the allegations were baseless. Referring to Ms. Carroll, the president quipped, “She’s not my type!”

Friends, why does the evangelical Christian community continue to support Donald Trump? The release in October 2016 (one month before the Presidential election) of the “Access Hollywood” video in which Trump boasted of sexual assault to the television host Billy Bush did not affect the outcome. Support of Donald Trump continued from the religious right … still does.

What will change our mindset?

When will the American public awaken? When will we stop being numb to these endless stories about abhorrent behavior? Do you think that the Democratic presidential candidates’ debates addressed these stories? I didn’t think so.

Looking at the political scene differently, I wonder when Donald Trump will realize that he has no chance at reelection unless he unloads Mike Pence and nominates Nikki Haley for his running mate? Could the inclusion of Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations and former governor of South Carolina convince independent voters to give this scoundrel four more years in the White House? Maybe.

And I also wonder when former Vice President Joe Biden will turn to Anita Hill for a running mate? As I mentioned months ago, one of Biden’s liabilities is his very public track record … 35 years in the U. S. Senate. In my opinion, his worse mistake occurred during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court in 1991. Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual abuse when he was Hill’s supervisor. Biden refused to allow collaborating witnesses to testify against Thomas.

I think that the best way for Biden to acknowledge his mistake and simultaneously win appeal from African American women would be to choose Anita Hill as his running mate. We’ll see.

By the way, I read a funny column in the New York Times on June 23. The title was, “Pour Your Rage Into a postcard.” Elisabeth Egan is the author of “A Window Opens” and the chief correspondent of @100postcards. Instead of fuming about President Trump, she sends him postcards. Although she has not received any response from him, she feels better, having given Trump a piece of her mind.

The postcard idea reminds me of Grumbles, that tiny group of individuals who meet monthly to complain about everything…politics, religion, family. Grumbles is quite cathartic. I’ll bet that “Postcards” are too.

Sincerely, Charles Meredith