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Warrington Hunt celebrates a mail carrier who’s like family


When Warrington Hunt residents heard of their beloved mail carrier’s engagement, they were thrilled to show their support and excitement for her.

On Sept. 25, they surprised Erin Cass by decorating their mailboxes with white balloons, bows, wedding bells, and even a mailbox dressed as a bride.

Eight neighborhood children, who decorated the mailboxes, were dubbed the “junior decorating committee” by resident Kevin Norris.

“Erin is so kind and the kids love running up and getting the mail from her,” Norris said.

That morning, Cass entered the neighborhood on her usual route, but what she saw was anything but usual. She said her first thought was “Oh. Someone had a party over the weekend.”

As she turned the corner she realized all of the mailboxes were decorated and saw confetti in them. Cass thought to herself, “That’s weird.”

“The dead giveaway: I was walking a box to the house and I hear ‘She’s coming!’ Well, if that doesn’t make you cry,” Cass said.

As Cass continued to deliver mail on that rainy Monday, she said the festive decorations made up for the dreariness of the day.

Cass has been a postal carrier for 16 years.

She noted, “If you ask the post office they would call them ‘customers,’ but y’all are my peeps. I love my job, being able to enjoy the weather is a plus (most of the time) but my peeps make it what it is!”

Cass added, “When I’m having a bummer of a day and someone stops to check in with me (completely unaware of the bad day), they turn my mood around instantly.”

She feels that being a mail carrier is like a therapist’s job; “people come to tell me they’re taking their kid to the airport to join the Air Force and how proud (and nervous) they are.”

She loves getting introduced to new members of the family (furry and human). She worries about people who live alone when their mail piles up and jokingly tells people that they have to get her approval before they move.

Warrington Hunt resident Keely Mahan said, “She is always so positive and upbeat. Her smile is there rain, shine or snow. We are so happy and excited for her.”

Marie Aldrich added, “She was so excited. We’re all so blessed to have Erin.”

When Cass had a day off, she came to have a picnic with some of the neighborhood kids. They consider her an integral part of the Warrington Hunt family.

Cass noted, “I’ve gotten teary watching my little buddies get on the bus for the first time and now those same little buddies are in high school. I don’t know what I’ll do when they graduate.”

Cass met her fiancé through a Warrington Hunt community member. She was talking to a resident who suggested that she participate in Bike MS, a charity bike ride for multiple sclerosis, as part of a local riding group.

“Eventually I did,” she said. “I wouldn’t have met [my fiancé] without the team.”

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