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Warrington continues hearing on Stump Road


The Warrington Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 28 was well attended as new fire company officers were sworn in.

The board was briefed on the refinancing of township bonds. Bond manager Christopher Gibbons reported that Warrington currently has a AA2 rating – nearly the highest grade possible for financial stability and growth.

A conditional use hearing was held for a 20-acre, 18-unit development at the south corner of Stump Road and Pickertown Road. Neighbors of the proposed development were able to ask questions of the engineers, mostly centered around the safety of adding another element to an already problematic intersection.

Owners Joseph and Rosemarie Cardamon have requested a subdivision. They said they will continue to live in one of the homes.

Michael Wade represented the developers.

While the developers maintained that traffic studies have been conducted and PennDOT had approved of the proposed plan, folks who make the turn regularly from Stump onto Pickertown voiced serious concerns about the increased likelihood of accidents in the area.

Questions will continue at the next public board meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11.