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Letters to the Herald

Voting “uncommitted” in the primary election


As Pennsylvania is one of only nine closed primary states, Independents’ voices are not heard unless registered with a party.

Independents can change registration to one of the parties for the primary, then change back afterward.

But regardless of party affiliation, people deserve better governance than the hyper-partisan, lobbyist-driven garbage we are receiving.

No surprises are expected in the PA primary. Expected winners are known: President — Joe Biden, D, and Donald Trump, R; U.S. Senate — Bob Casey, D, and Dave McCormick, R; and Congress PA-1 — Ashley Ehasz, D, and Brian Fitzpatrick, R.

All except Fitzpatrick are running unopposed in the primary, with Fitzpatrick expected to win easily over Mark Houck, R, who is still in the First District race.

Voting “uncommitted” in the primary will not affect your choice in November. In November, regardless of party affiliation, one may vote for the lesser of two perceived bad choices or may genuinely like the chosen candidate.

By voting “uncommitted” in every federal race (either Democratic and Republican primary), we can send a clear message to the winner in November: that we the people deserve less partisan-driven and less lobbyist-driven representation from the winners.

Chris Poli, Doylestown

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