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Letters to the Herald

Value politicians’ actions over their ages


Every time I hear or read about people, especially Republicans, who question President Biden’s ability to perform the duties of his office because he is over 80 years old, my blood boils.

I am 88 years old. I can dress myself, feed myself, climb stairs, walk through my community without help, read and understand newspapers.

I can drive my car to destinations, even at night. I play tennis, pickleball and golf regularly, and go fishing when the weather allows. I am able to communicate my ideas to others and understand their messages to me.

Do I walk a little slower than I used to? Yes. Do I occasionally search for the correct word that conveys my message? Yes. But I don’t completely freeze in mid-message and have to be jostled back to awareness, as Mitch McConnell has experienced more than once.

Did Republicans dwell on his age, over 80, and question his ability to perform his duties as senator? Not at all.

Please don’t disregard older people’s abilities, just because of their age. It’s what people do, not their age, which defines their character and usefulness to this nation. When someone shows you who he is by his actions and words, believe him. We older people do.

James Seyboldt, Warminster

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