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Upper Makefield eyes prohibiting dumping of grass clippings, yard waste, in streams


Better think twice about where you dump those glass clippings and autumn leaves in Upper Makefield.

The township board of supervisors is considering amendments to municipal ordinances that would effectively clarify that it’s forbidden to dump grass clippings, leaf waste, municipal waste, recyclable items and other materials into watercourses and stormwater management facilities within the township.

“No person shall allow, or cause to allow, discharges into surface waters of this commonwealth or into an inlet or any part of a stormwater management system or facility which are not composed entirely of stormwater,” reads a proposed amendment.

Supervisors reviewed drafts of the amendments at their March 5 meeting. Other than a legal language tweak, the officials viewed the amendments favorably. Supervisors opted to send them to the township’s environmental advisory council and planning commission for additional review.

It’s possible that supervisors could vote whether or not to approve the amendments at their April 2 meeting. The planned 7:30 p.m. meeting is public at the municipal building at 1076 Eagle Road. Residents can attend to learn more and ask questions.

“We want to tighten up the ordinances,” said Supervisor Diana Nolan.

“By enforcing these ordinances, we’ll be protecting our waterways and the river …. We’ll be helping to protect wildlife.”

Dumping of the materials outlined in the ordinance amendments is an issue, officials said. Depositing of grass clippings is a particular problem, said Township Solicitor Mary C. Eberle.

“It’s important to get this in place before mowing season,” Eberle said.