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Upper Bucks municipalities support county commissioners and health department


Members of municipal governments in Upper Bucks County sent the following group letter last week to the Bucks County commissioners.

“As municipal leaders, we prioritize the health and welfare of our residents above all other considerations. In response to the governor’s orders we have endorsed and supported the closing of small businesses, the limiting of gatherings, and the practicing of stay-at-home orders. As a result, our COVID-19 case numbers have decreased to a minimum, and in some of our local municipalities to zero cases. However, the governor’s orders have also caused our local economy and small business owners to experience a substantial strain.

“This association of municipalities in Upper Bucks County are writing to express our full support of the Bucks County Commissioners and Bucks County Board of Health’s direction and position in moving our county to the next phase of reopening in an appropriate and safe manner. We are writing to express our readiness to move towards reopening. We also are expressing our fear for small business owners and the local economy if we fail to move towards reopening.

“Over the last few weeks, the Bucks County Commissioners and Dr. Damsker of the Bucks County Health Department have prepared the county to be in a healthier position than some of those that surround us. Bucks County’s leadership has mentored its residents, health networks, businesses, and municipalities to understand and practice safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as well as to understand how to operate safely once we are permitted to open.

“Unfortunately, if Bucks County does not continue to advance in a timely manner, many small business owners in the community will be at risk of non-compliance with state regulations because they will be forced to open, fearful of losing their businesses. Given the guidelines set by the state, our county currently has no timeline on which we will be able to move forward. This lack of a definite date on moving forward has caused our residents and business owners to express their frustration and concern for our communities’ welfare. We respectfully ask that the state government considers providing Bucks County with a timeline and date on which we will be able to proceed to the next phase of reopening.

“Our associated municipalities in Upper Bucks County appreciate the state’s and our county’s efforts in reopening our area in an appropriate and safe manner. We also appreciate your time in this matter and concern for our residents’ health and welfare. We are hopeful that Governor Wolf will choose to evaluate Bucks County separately, apart from the rest of the southeast counties, and our readiness to move forward.

Scott C. McElree, Manager, Borough of Quakertown,

Tim Arnold, Supervisor, Richland Township

Tim Ritter, Supervisor, Richland Township

Kathie Doyle, Supervisor, Richland Township

Charles Strunk, Chairman, Milford Township

Thomas Courduff, Vice Chairman, Milford Township

John Mininger, Member, Milford Township

Henry DePue, Board of Supervisors, Haycock Township

Christopher Betz, Council Vice President, Trumbauersville Borough

Christopher Willeve, Council President, Richlandtown Borough

Jann Paulovitz, President, Quakertown Alive!

Naomi Naylor, Main Street Manager, Quakertown Alive!

Danielle Bodnar, Executive Director, Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce