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Letters to the Herald

Turn away the specter of violence


I love my family. I love my friends. I have cool neighbors. Many of us think differently, vote differently, believe differently, and even wear the colors of the opposing team. No political leader is going to change any of that.

Not a single one of us is evil, unpatriotic or an enemy of the state. Not a weirdo in the bunch. Nobody drinks blood. Nobody is inappropriate with children.

We all want our kids to succeed. We want to live in a safe area. We all like birthday cake. We all love America. And we love each other.

And yet the specter of violence has been placed at our feet.

Don’t pick it up. Don’t share it with anyone else. Don’t even let it enter your mind.

It’s poisonous.

We are humans. We are Americans.

We are not made for suspicion or hate. Or violence.

So, say, “hello” in the grocery store. Let’s share a cuppa.

Life is shorter than we realize.

Lisa Roche, Buckingham

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