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Letters to the Herald

“Trading Up” shows value of CTE


I commend the Bucks County Herald and journalists Brett Duffey and Andy Holtzman for the outstanding “Trading Up” series.

The three-part series was a comprehensive analysis focused on 21st-century realities, focusing on personalized learning experiences for students, whether they choose college or Career Technical Education (CTE).

In a rapidly evolving world where the job market is continuously changing, we must reassess our approach to education to ensure that our students are truly future-ready. Many school districts nationwide share a common mission: to nurture lifelong learners, foster future-ready individuals, and champion 21st-century learning. However, achieving these objectives requires more than just rhetoric; it demands a shift in our educational paradigm.

This reflects a growing recognition that the one-size-fits-all approach to education is no longer sufficient. To achieve these objectives, we must offer diverse educational pathways that cater to individual interests, talents and career aspirations. It is worth noting that 8.3 million high school students participated in what is now called career and technology education, or CTE, pathways in 2020-2021, up from 7.5 million the previous year, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

While traditional four-year degrees are invaluable and have their place, we should also acknowledge the importance of CTE programs. In today’s world, where there is a growing demand for skilled workers in various fields, CTE can provide a direct route to rewarding careers.

Angelo Berrios, Bedminster

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