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Township requests proposal for website redesign


The Doylestown Township Board of Supervisors on June 4 took a step forward in the redesign of the township’s website.

The five-member body gave township special projects coordinator Andrea Susten the authorization to include a cost figure in a request for proposal that is expected to go out to prospective web developer Horsham-based New Concepts Online sometime this summer.

According to Susten, the township can improve communications with a website redesign, use of communication tools and townshipwide branding.

The township website has been a resource for serving citizens, providing information and promoting government transparency. But over the last 10 years, while the township has grown and evolved, the website layout, design and capabilities have stayed stagnant.

“Our current website is about 10 years old and does not stand out,” Susten said. “The inner workings are not easily managed, causing a decrease in productivity. The public information that we provide is buried within a confusing site map making it difficult for users to navigate.”

Susten added, “Because of this, we are not attracting residents to view our site, gather information or get involved.”

The township’s inability to capture feedback is another missing element.

With the township redesign, Susten said that the website would be able to capture feedback using Google analytics. The township would also be able to track page views to ensure that the information that the township is putting out is even being seen.

“This is important in making sure that we’re taking the correct actions in communicating with our residents year after year,” Susten said, adding that the improved website should have “streamlined navigation and enhanced functionality,” and also mobile-friendly.

Susten said the redesigned website would include all the information contained on the existing site, including minutes and agendas, in addition to interactive features and the ability for township staff to easily provide current information.

About $10,000 was allocated for township website design overhaul in 2019. This would include an updated look and communications tools to promote meetings, events, programs and all the things that Doylestown Township offers to the community.