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Guest Opinion

Touting Nockamixon’s commitment to groundwater preservation


To the esteemed members of the Nockamixon Environmental Advisory Committee and to the residents of Nockamixon Township:

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we, at Well Manager LLC, commend Nockamixon Township for adopting the new groundwater preservation ordinance (Nockamixon adopts groundwater preservation ordinance, Sept. 28).

This significant step embodies the foresight and dedication of a community that values and understands the importance of preserving its natural resources for current and future generations.

The ordinance’s passage is a testament to the unwavering efforts and determination over the last six years, backed by a two-decades-old recommendation. These timeframes reflect the vision and perseverance of everyone involved, especially supervisors Bill Sadow, Dave DiPalantino and John Haubert, who recognized the long-term benefits of such a commitment.

By ensuring “an equitable distribution of our shared groundwater resource,” as aptly summarized by Todd Stone, of the joint Bridgeton-Nockamixon-Tinicum Groundwater Management Committee, Nockamixon is taking a proactive stance. This move not only ensures that every resident has access to an adequate water supply but also that the quality of this precious resource is safeguarded. By concentrating on groundwater quality, the community sets a benchmark for other municipalities to emulate.

Furthermore, it’s commendable that the ordinance looks ahead, addressing potential challenges and ensuring that individual property owners’ rights and needs are balanced with the greater good. This careful attention to both macro and micro perspectives ensures that the ordinance is fair, just, and sustainable.

The acknowledgment that minor modifications, like room additions, won’t be encumbered by this new rule showcases a thoughtful approach. It guarantees that while the broader picture of groundwater preservation remains a priority, the day-to-day lives of the residents are not unduly burdened.

The potential implications of not passing such an ordinance — the looming threat of a public water connection and the associated financial burdens on homeowners — further underscore the ordinance’s importance. Nockamixon has chosen a path of self-reliance, sustainability, and community welfare.

Well Manager LLC stands firm in the belief that safeguarding water resources is paramount. We salute Nockamixon Township for its visionary leadership and the collective efforts of its officials, professionals, and volunteers. This ordinance is a beacon of hope, an example that with concerted effort, communities can make a lasting impact on their future.

Let us all take a moment to celebrate this achievement and continue to work towards a future where every drop counts, and every resident reaps the benefits of a well-managed and protected water source.

Lynn Ziegenfuss is co-owner at Well Manager LLC, located in Hopewell N.J.

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