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Letters to the Herald

Tinicum made the right call on Headquarters Road Bridge


Last Tuesday, the Tinicum Township Board of Supervisors made the historic and courageous decision to proceed with engineering and legal arrangements to assume the rehabilitation and stewardship responsibility of the Headquarters Road Bridge.

The bridge was closed by PennDOT with no subsequent action to repair and reopen since March 2011.

The township’s action is fully in alignment with its sworn responsibility to uphold the Pa. Constitution, including Article 1, Section 27, which directs, in part, to preserve the natural, scenic, historic and aesthetic values of our commonwealth. It also follows the guidance set forth in the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic Management Plan, federal and state laws and the township’s own comprehensive plan.

It is also the most “green” alternative, utilizing existing materials with minimal impact to the stream and setting.

PennDOT’s proposed plan does exactly the opposite.

I applaud the supervisors’ action and invite all to work toward the completion of a rehabilitated bridge, respectfully preserved to demonstrate intelligent actions of the past by which all, present and future, can benefit.

Kathryn Ann Auerbach, Tinicum Township

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