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Tinicum Arts Festival 2023 Art Barn winners announced


The Tinicum Civic Association has announced the award-winning artists in the 72nd Tinicum Arts Festival 2023 Art Barn exhibit, which took Place at Tinicum Park, Erwinna, July 8 and 9.

A total of 181 artists participated. The judges were painter Jeff Charlesworth from Ringoes, N.J., and painter Helena van Emmerik-Finn from Doylestown.

Best of Show was awarded to David Hahn for his acrylic “Summer Clouds.”

Awards and Honorable Mentions were given in seven categories:

Oils: 1st Place: Cindy Roesinger – “In Harmony”; 2nd Place: Jas Szygiel – “Winter Is Coming”; 3rd Place: Donald Esch – “Tractors for Sale”; Honorable Mentions: James Green – “Afternoon Pond”, Jacqueline Rocci – “Cypress” Gene Underwood – “Summer by the Quart,” Dot Bunn – “Cloud Burst,” Dorothy Hoeschen – “Gold in the Gorge,” and Abby Brooks – “First House.”

Acrylics: 1st Place: Holli Freed – “Frankenfield #2”; 2nd Place: Jody Furch – “October”; 3rd Place: Mary Aherne – “Seventeen”; Honorable Mention: none.

Pastels: 1st Place: Roxanne Rodwell – “Winter’s Dazzling Jewel”; 2nd Place: Sandy Askey-Adams – “Tranquill Solitude in the Woods”; 3rd Place: Marianne Knipe – “Play Me Another Tune”; Honorable Mentions: Jack Muessig – “Duck Blind on Pimlico Sound,” Christine Auriemma – “Farm to Table.”

Photography: 1st Place: David Crowley – “Lost Lake Lounge, Seattle ’23”; 2nd Place: Susanne Longo – “Crossing Over”; 3rd Place: Joel Van Horn – “Seeing Santa”; Honorable Mentions: Chiara Chandoha – “Forgotten 88”; Clint Searl – “Amish Boy” and “Hay Baler.”

Sculpture: 1st Place: David Horowitz – “Gift Horse”; 2nd Place: Stephen Wisniewski – “Watching, Carefully”; 3rd Place: Reny Willoughby – “Towering Rocks”; Honorable Mention: Claudia E. Davis – “Yikes.”

Watercolors: 1st Place: Anne Landis – “A Sunny and 2 Z’s”; 2nd Place: Suzanne Dalton – “Wildcard”; 3rd Place: Lisa Peters Milheim – “Ceramic Bottle w/ Red Pears” (on Handmade Paper); Honorable Mention: Kimberlee Nentwig – “Cascade.”

Other Mediums: 1st Place: Tom Chesar – “Island Hopping”; 2nd Place: Francis Tortorello – “Coney Island”; 3rd Place: Robin Crowley – “Elizabeth”; Honorable Mentions: Richard Gabriele – “The Pequod,” Margie Milne – “Gabrille,” Janet Bergman – “Canal Path.”

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