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Letters to the Herald

Time for common sense to return to the front seat


I do not have any skin in the games that are being played at both the Pennridge and Central Bucks school districts because I do not live in either district nor do I have any children of school age.

I am so thankful that when my children and myself attended public schools things were certainly much different in a positive manner. What has happened since then that created this mess? Whatever happened certainly did not develop overnight.

I guess you could say that over the course of time common sense that once permeated the safety of the front seat of the car has taken a big trip to the rear seat where anything goes.

How do we reverse that trip before it is too late?

We can start by getting all that smut out of the school libraries that seems to encourage behavior that suits the devil.

We cannot let underdeveloped brain power (people under the age of 20) make life-changing decisions that are basically irreversible. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. Once you are at least 20, go for a sex change if that is your desire. Hopefully, that decision will not come back to haunt you.

I honestly believe implementing these two ideas is a great start to living a full life of peace and tranquility.

Don Landry, Franconia

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