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Three Doylestown area businesses hope to help others with launch of new brew

Hit hard by the closures resulting from the novel coronavirus pandemic, three Doylestown-area small businesses have banded together to help themselves and others like them stay afloat, as well as feed those in need.
Doylestown Brewing Company, Sole Kombucha and Barefoot Botanicals have created HeArt of Destruction, a beer that utilizes products donated by each company, launching with presales June 1.
They plan to utilize 25% of the proceeds from sales of the beverage to buy gift cards from nearby restaurants, markets and small grocery stores, which are struggling as a result of the pandemic, and donate them to local food banks to ensure they reach the people who need them the most, said Andrea Santoro, owner of Sole Kombucha.
“We’re trying to find a silver lining; we’ve all donated our product for this. We probably will profit, but only a little bit. We give and we get to promote ourselves and come together as a community,” she said.
“Our businesses have plummeted, like many others,” Santoro said, adding all three companies sell their products to local restaurants, which have been forced to limit their service to pickup only.
“They were a big part of who we sold to – we’re wholesalers, all three of us – we took a hit because they took a hit,” she said.
“Community is what’s it’s all about,” said Eric Vander Hyde and Linda Shananhan, owners of Barefoot Botanicals. “There have been so many good folks devastated by the pandemic and we wanted to bring together a collaboration of crafts people, farmers and brewers to give rise to some happiness within the community where we live, work and play.”
The HeArt Of Destruction beer is described as citrusy, as well as “light, bright and crisp with a pleasant sour twist.”
Made with 100% extra pale German 2-row barley, local strawberries, fresh lemon balm and dried lemongrass, it was aged on strawberry puree and steeped with more lemongrass. Kombucha to taste was added prior to packaging “for a little extra kick.”
“Doylestown Brewing (owned by Joe Modestine) jumped at the chance to do something positive during these strange times,” said Eric Walp, head brewer.
“We have been discussing doing a collaboration with Sole Kombucha for a long time now, but for whatever reason it just hadn’t all come together,” he said. “The opportunity to offer some relief to our local businesses and residents really lit a fire and it finally came together ... with the added bonus of Barefoot Botanicals quality herbs and good-natured attitude.”
Beginning June 1, preorders may be made at Pickup dates and locations can be chosen at time of order.
Pickup locations are: Doylestown Brewing Co., 603 Airport Blvd., Doylestown; Doylestown Farmers Market / Barefoot Botanicals booth; and Wrightstown Farmers Market / Sole Kombucha booth.