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Thompson Toyota celebrates 50th anniversary


Fifty years ago when most were looking to space as a new frontier, Jack Thompson was looking to Japan.

Hardly anyone in the United States had ever heard of Toyota, let alone seen one, when Thompson opened one of the country’s first Toyota dealerships on Jan. 26, 1969, in Doylestown.

From a single dealership located at 263 N. Main St., the Thompson Organization has constantly looked forward – expanding and transforming to include multiple brands, “the finest sales, service, parts, marketing, administrative teams, and the most advanced and innovative service centers.”

Thompson Toyota moved to its current location on West Swamp Road during the mid-1970s. Since that time, the facility has been recreated and revitalized three times, with the latest renovations completed in 2014.

As Thompson has always said, “We’re not in the car business; we’re in the people business.” His focus on “doing things differently and setting his dealerships apart” has defined the way the organization has done business from the moment he opened the doors.