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Letters to the Herald

There’s no room for bigotry, racism, hatred in America


I am a Jew living in Bucks County. I have lived in the United States for over 31 years. I am a naturalized American citizen, and I have Israeli citizenship.

We Jews are a very diversified people. Some of us are very religious. Some less so. Some of us are great scientists and some of us work in the produce department at a local supermarket. Some of us, like Harvey Weinstein and Bernie Madoff are despicable human beings, criminals and exemplify the dregs of humanity. Some of us invent cures for polio and create navigation apps.

We come in all shapes and sizes and, yes, colors. There are Jews from India, Ethiopia and Uganda, Russia and even China. Our diaspora spreads across the entire globe, but we don’t run the world. Far from it, as most of us are barely middle class working people, trying like everyone else to make ends meet.

When I read about threats to my people I know what those threats truly mean. Too many of my family were murdered by the Nazis during World War II. Some were murdered by PLO terrrorists in Munich at the 1972 Olympics, and close friends were murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Some of my brothers-in-arms were killed in action while fighting the Syrians in 1973, a war I took part in to defend Israel: The Yom Kippur War. Those threats were and still are real.

Anti-Semitic threats however are much more insidious. They begin with ancient lies about how we control the finances of the world, how we kill babies and how we are in league with the dark forces of evil. Ancient lies that began 2,000 years ago, and continue to spread to this very day. Tropes about how we wish to replace. Tropes how we lie and deceive. Tropes how we control the media and Hollywood.

A part of me wants to invite people like (of late and most recent) Kyrie Irving to come with me to Israel, to visit Yad Vashem the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, and to see first-hand what hate and bigotry and ignorance led to. A part of me wants to meet with our members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, and ask them why they continue to keep silent in the face of this terrible and deadly hatred.

Haym Solomon, a Jew, helped to fund the American Revolution, as did Mordecai Sheftall an Orthodox Jew from Savannah, Georgia. Col. Solomon Bush, a Jew, was the adjutant general of the Pennsylvania militia and considered to be a hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Accusations of disloyalty are ancient tropes that have plagued Jews since time immemorial. They are false, demeaning and dangerous. They inevitably lead to physical attacks and violence, to name but the most recent: Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and Poway Synagogue in Poway Calif.

This must end. Every single American, whether Christian or Muslim or Jew, whether agnostic or atheist, whether Republican or Democrat, whether Black or Hispanic or Asian, must speak out against this scourge.

There is no room for Holocaust denial. There is no room for bigotry, racism and hatred in America. It must end before we repeat the terrible lessons of history, so easily and conveniently forgotten.

Yuvi Krausz, Newtown