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“The Wind is Like a Bully” (in conversation with my daughter)


“The wind is like a bully”

pushing leaves;

breaking branches;

roughing skin;

biting faces.

Nothing like the warm

smoothe breeze of Saint Lucia

caressing…assuaging tension

the sound of the ocean

travels with it

whispering…come to me…


the November wind, relentlessly

chasing all who are

exposed to mother nature’s elements

reminiscent of the visceral feeling

while reading Ernest Hemingway’s,

“The Snows of Kilimanjaro”

[wo]man vs. nature.

I rather not be in opposition with

the season,

the reason?

I want to harmonize with it like

Bob Marley and the Wailers,

wind gently blowing,

delivering freedom

blessings, prophesying

with their lungs,

creating paradigm shifts.

This November wind

screams like

Those whose sleep is

disrupted by bad dreams,

tears crawl down beet-colored-chafed-cheeks

Membrane teleporting to the Lucian island…

a coping mechanism,

a wishing mechanism;

wishing the sun was

the bully beating

on my skin

like the “beat beat beat […]”

of Ella Fitzgerald’s tom-toms

in Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.”

~Seven slug-moving months

‘til this is reality here:(

In this “mean” time,

“The Wind is Like a Bully.”

Shantel Hubert is an educator, jazz artist, and poet. She teaches at George School, an international day and boarding college preparatory high school. She resides in Newtown with her husband and two children. Toni Morrison’s Bluest Eye and Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter are two of her favorite novels.

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