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The Primary Election is Tuesday, are you ready?


Citizens whose voting registration is current and who are affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party will have the opportunity and responsibility to vote for the candidates they believe will best represent them in the upcoming November 2022 General Election.
(To ensure that your registration is current, go to or or call 1-877-VOTESPA.)
If you have never voted or you have recently changed your address or name, you are not eligible to vote in the Primary; the deadline to register or revise your registration was May 2.
Eligible voters will be deciding who will represent their political party for governor and lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, for state representatives and state senators, and for a U.S. senator to replace Pat Toomey.
These are important decisions that will have a major impact on Pennsylvania and the country, especially in these trying times. Take the time to make good decisions. If you have not yet made up your mind whom to vote for, go to (1) the League of Women Voter’s (LWV) website, and/or (2) the LWV Voter’s Guide published by the Bucks County Herald on May 5, and /or (3) your political party’s website.
If you have already mailed or dropped off your mail-in or absentee ballot, you have voted. Thank you.
If you requested a mail-in or absentee ballot and have not received it, call the Board of Elections at 215-348-6154.

Since the mail-in or absentee ballot must be received by the Bucks County Board of Elections by Primary Day (Tuesday, May 17), it may be risky to mail your ballot now. It would be safer to deliver it to one of the three Bucks County Board of Elections sites or to a designated Drop Box. Check the county website ( for locations and times.
Note that you must deliver your own ballot.
When completing the mail-in or absentee ballot, read and follow the instructions carefully. Mark both sides of your ballot with attentiveness, in blue or black ink. For your ballot to be counted, it must be inserted into the white secrecy envelope, which in turn is inserted in the return envelope, which must be sealed, signed, dated and stamped.
Alternatively, you may take your mail-in or absentee ballot to your local polling place on election day, turn the entire package in, and vote in person. Note that your package must be intact; that is, it must include your ballot, the outside envelope, and the inside secrecy envelope. If it is missing any element, you will only be able to vote provisionally.
VOTE! Have a rationale for your decisions.
For information about the League of Women Voters, go to