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Letters to the Herald

The little antiques show that could


The 74th annual Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association show in New Hope was a resounding success. This little show of 32 exhibitors had the biggest gate since the 1990s. Almost all of the antique dealers in the show had a very good to a great experience with some of their best shows ever.
Patrons were asked during exit interviews what they thought of the show which included “Great Show,” “Love the diversity,” “This is the best show,” “Hope to see you next year,” and multiple times – “Thanks for having the show.”
It was the best show I’ve managed since I started running shows in 2001. The club feels it has some of the best supporters and antiques enthusiasts anywhere. The Antiques Dealers Association was born in 1966 and hopes to continue this positive trend in the future with the world opening up a little more in the time of COVID-19. Remember buying antiques is going green and saving the planet.
Bill D’Anjolell, Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association