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The Art of the River Towns Artist of the Week: Daniel Anthonisen

The inaugural Art of the River Towns exhibition, sponsored by River Towns Magazine, is set to open at the Prallsville Mills in Stockton N.J., on Thursday, Oct. 1. In the weeks leading up to the show, the Herald will feature one of the local artists accepted for entry.

This week, we are highlighting Daniel Anthonisen of Point Pleasant, a painter who responds to both nature and humanity and does not separate human nature from the natural world.

“For Daniel, art provides a common ground of religious depth with a perpetual return to creativity during the process of life as meditation,” Anthonisen says in his artist statement.

“Daniel’s painting is as personal as a journal entry. Most of his paintings are intimate, emotional and personal experiences. The way he has been working is to let himself paint in the same way that he would write a love letter to someone. His work weaves together local scenery with mythic language.

“For Daniel, one of the great things about art is that it can be beyond nationality, race, religion, breaking boundaries that separate people from each other.”

Co-chairs Pearl and Chuck Mintzer, have helped to launch the Art of the River Towns Online Sales Gallery at
New work will continue to be added through early October and the online sales gallery will be available until the end of October.