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Letters to the Herald

Thanking a commuter who rescued baby fawns


At 7:30 a.m. Monday I was driving on Geigel Hill Road and saw a Blooming Glen Contractors pickup truck stopped in the oncoming lane. I slowed down and saw two newborn fawns on the road.

A young man who was driving the truck had stopped to help the fawns. They were so young that they were barely able to walk.

He told me that the mother deer was at the top of a steep hill. He then picked up both fawns and held them under each of his arms. He climbed up the steep hill to reunite them with their mother.

This young man was on his way to work and it was so wonderful that he took the time to stop and to handle the baby fawns so carefully and return them to their mother. I would like to thank him for helping these baby fawns.

In today’s world of much bad news, this was truly a beautiful sight to see.

Gail Whittenberger, Tinicum

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