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Terhune Orchard’s Gary Mount pens book


Terhune Orchard’s Gary Mount has released his new book, “A Farmer’s Life: Notes for Terhune Orchards.”
The book is a collection of stories that details the growth of Terhune Orchards and journey of the Mounts.
“In 1975 Gary and Pam Mount, recently returned from the Peace Corps, bought Terhune Orchards, a 55-acre farm near Princeton, N.J.,” the back of the book details. “Although no one had purchased farmland to actually farm in this area for decades, they were determined to create a prosperous working retail farm. Step by step, Gary and Pam expanded their operation to the point where it is now 250 acres and a destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. The articles collected here – written by Gary and published in Terhune Orchards’ newsletter – tell their story.”