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Teego’s owner wants her horse returned


Rochelle Thompson is still longing to be reunited with her horse Teego.

While there appeared to be some progress in locating the animal, who had been serving for some 10 years with the New York City Police Department’s Mounted Unit, that movement has now stalled, Thompson said.

“She’s pleased to know Teego is alive and being cared for,” said Thompson’s attorney, William Goldman Jr., “but the name of the farm and location have not been made available to us” and his return has not been discussed.

During a recent hearing held in Bucks County Court, President Judge Wallace Bateman ordered New York City’s police department and the city’s mayor, Bill DiBlasio, to “immediately disclose the name and physical address of the farm where Teego is currently housed and immediately present Teego for return to his owner.”

Additionally, the court provided the Bucks County sheriff‘s office authority to seize Teego and return him to Thompson. Bateman’s judgment will be entered in New York and the legal process to locate and return Teego will continue, said Goldman.

“It’s regrettable that no one from New York City appeared for the hearing,” added the Doylestown attorney.

In an earlier response from the New York City Law Department, a spokesman said, “We are advised that Teego has been retired from service and is being well-treated on a farm. We are reviewing the matter and have no more information to provide at this time.”

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