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Teego has been returned to his Hilltown home


After months of effort and hiring an attorney, Teego has returned to his home in Hilltown Township, said a delighted Rochelle Thompson, who owns the horse.

“It makes me so incredibly happy to be able to share this news with you all,” Thompson said on a Facebook page she created when she first began trying to gain community support to have the animal back.

Teego was loaned to the New York City Police Department’s Mounted Unit more than a decade ago, where he served with distinction, Thompson said. But, when she learned Teego had been retired, unknown to her, she began a campaign to locate him and bring him home to her family’s farm.

“Through unwavering determination and unparalleled diligence my attorneys were able to successfully resolve this situation, and the City of New York, and the NYPD agreed to return Teego; allowing him to come home to be reunited with us, his family,” Thompson said.

“For this, we are incredibly grateful to them, as well as to all of you who aided in this very effort through your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she wrote to her supporters.

It took a legal struggle to have the horse returned to Bucks County from an unspecified retirement farm in New York. Last month, a Bucks County judge ordered Teego’s whereabouts to be disclosed to the Thompsons and that the horse be returned to them.

Teego’s mother, Shanta, died, before Teego returned to the Thompsons.

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