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Team Velvet releases new video for children


Team Velvet Inc. has released a new video, “Team Velvet Inc. Visits the Happy Horse Hat Shop.”

In the program, therapy horses Velvet, Precious and Little Annie partner with psychologist and Team Velvet Director Dr. Susan Edwards to provide non-mounted horse therapy and increase resiliency in children who have experienced profound loss (death of a loved one, disfigurement by an accident, witnessing or being victimized by violence). If left unaddressed, child trauma may cause flashbacks and severe psychological damage.

In-person therapy sessions were put on hold because of stay-at-home orders. By turning to video, Velvet, Precious and Little Annie can reach even more children at home in a unique way.

In the new video, the horses go to a horse hat shop, which sparks their imaginations and provides some smiles to the viewers.

“We made this video at the suggestion of a child who wanted a video that could make kids laugh,” Edwards explained. “We also wanted to show that play and imagination can provide a positive way to relieve stress.”

Edwards wrote the script and the videos were produced by Team Velvet Inc. board member Lillian Shupe.

Team Velvet Inc. previously released two videos to help children deal with the stress of the pandemic. All three videos are now posted on the Team Velvet website,, where a new section of the website is dedicated to the COVID-19 response.