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Tabby’s Place Cats of the Month: Oram and Tucker


Oram and Tucker are a bonded pair, known for their playful roughhousing and wrestling in the Tabby’s Place FeLV suite. Although both boys are Feline Leukemia (FeLV) positive, they can live happy, healthy lives with the right care. In fact, Tucker has already overcome lymphoma, which is sadly common in FeLV+ cats. Luckily, feline lymphoma responds well to chemotherapy. Oram is a 4-year-old house panther who loves zooming across the room in hot pursuit of toys. Tuxedo-clad Tucker is 7 years old, but he loves playing just as much as his younger pal. They are sweet and occasionally mischievous buddies who would appreciate a home where they have opportunities for attention and enrichment — together. If you have room in your heart for a pair of young, active, special needs cats, come visit Oram and Tucker at Tabby’s Place. Adoption fees are reduced to just $13 for the entire month of October. For information, visit

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