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Surprise gesture helps unite neighbors in Warminster

Warminster residents on Gibson Avenue and Wallace Drive, Fairfield Drive, Sylvan Road, Kings Way, Iris Lane and Claire Road woke up to a surprise on the Fourth of July.

A single American flag stodd near the sidewalk in view from the front door of every house. Looking up and down the streets at the uniformly spaced flags created a unifying and moving effect. The mysterious appearance of the flags added to the impact, and many wondered,where they came from?

On the humid afternoon of July 3, my husband, William, and I, with our three children, 18 months to 7 years old, loaded up the red radio flier wagon and jogging stroller with sandwiches, snacks, water and nearly 200 flags.

The whole family set out on foot together around 4 p.m. from their Warminster home in nearly 90-degree heat, inspired by the words “one nation under God.” One house at a time, they placed flags onto neighbors’ lawns.

“This is our second year in a row putting out flags,” William said. “It’s become a special family tradition, and a way that we can honor our country and love our neighbors.”

William is a real estate agent with Keller Williams in Doylestown, and he sponsors the outreach, but the heart behind it was that of the Brehm Family.

“I love doing it!” said Harmony, who lasted much longer than her two younger brothers, walking 5 miles in 4 hours with Daddy. “It’s such a great thing to do for other people. And it makes me feel good,” she beamed.

One neighbor who saw Harmony in action called out firmly, “What are you putting in my lawn?” But when he saw it was our flag, he went on to say, “You can put in as many as you want.”

Some neighbors who know the Brehms personally texted their appreciation for the “beautiful gift.” But if you ask the Brehm family, they’ll tell you that the gift is shared.

The gift is that we have the privilege to live in this great country. Our prayer is for unity and our hope is to encourage people during these challenging times.

When we got to the end of Kings Way and I looked back at the flags on either side of the street, those were exactly the feelings that swept over my heart – unity and hope for the future.

Christy Jefferson Brehm