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Letters to the Herald

Support the Growing Greener 3 initiative


The Growing Greener initiative in Pennsylvania has been in effect since first proposed under Gov. Tom Ridge in 1999. The current proposal – Growing Greener 3 - will fund three key areas needed to preserve the legacy of Pennsylvania’s natural resources, ecosystems and communities.

We are currently losing three times as much open space, wildlife habitat and farmland to development than we are conserving. Since agriculture and tourism are two of Pennsylvania’s largest industries and are vital to Pennsylvania’s economy, Growing Greener 3 will help fund and preserve these valuable resources.

This funding will also restore land and streams damaged from years of over exploitation of resources. Healthy ecosystems and waterways are essential to maintain wildlife and habitat diversity which makes Pa. so attractive to all types of outdoor enthusiasts. This brings much needed business to many of our most rural communities.

Recent storms have caused extensive wind damage and flooding within our community. GG3 will provide funding to improve urban waterways and riverfronts as well as create additional greenways and parks. These improvements will help to alleviate urban flooding as well as provide an attractive and healthy environment for residents.

Since the funding will be provided by the American Rescue Plan this beneficial investment will not require additional state financing. This initiative is a win for our state and should be supported by legislators and residents alike. Please contact your state house representatives and senators urging them to support Growing Greener 3 – Senate Bill 525 and House Bill 2020.

Dave Porigow, Perkasie