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Letters to the Herald

Support natural gas industry


In our interconnected world, conflicts thousands of miles away can have a serious impact here in the U.S.

Fighting between Ukraine and Russia and the unpredictable behavior of other foreign energy producers have greatly impacted global markets. Last winter, many European countries were strained when Russia cut off natural gas supplies, leaving them scrambling to find other, more stable energy providers.

Fortunately, the U.S. is better positioned to handle fluctuations in the energy market. Merely having the resources isn’t enough, however. We must also recommit to supporting our domestic energy producers so those resources can bring us greater stability and economic prosperity.

Pennsylvania plays a critical role in fostering our nation’s energy independence, by providing reliable and affordable energy via our vast natural gas shale plays. We are the second-highest natural gas producer in the country.

Our natural gas reserves are not only ensuring our state’s energy security. They also play a huge role in securing our regional energy grid and helping to meet regional heating demands.

They are also critical to meeting our energy needs and reducing reliance on foreign sources. It’s time to increase support of our commonwealth’s natural gas industry so we can enjoy the benefits it brings to our state, region and country.

Joan Cullen, Hilltown

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