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Supervisor a master of details in land preservation issues


Candidates in Buckingham Township invariably run on platforms calling for land preservation. But that’s the easy part. The hard part? Actually getting it done.
As a member of the Ag Preservation Committee, I’ve watched Supervisor Maggie Rash patiently and persistently and successfully do just that. Sometimes preservation takes well over a decade, spanning generations of family landowners. Maggie never gives up. She has a mastery of the smallest details and a thorough knowledge of precedent. She excels at balancing the township’s funds with fairness to the farming community, making her an ideal negotiator.
Beyond that, Maggie Rash is dedicated to running Buckingham with integrity and without regard to partisan politics. We pay the lowest taxes for a township our size, we are the third safest township in the United States, we have a top credit rating and – oh yes – thousands of acres of preserved land.

Maggie Rash has unquestionably earned reelection.
Susan W. Sciacca, Buckingham Township