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Letters to the Herald

Stop gun violence like that in Bensalem


A 14-year-old was killed, and a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old were shot after a gunman fired into a crowd in Bensalem on Halloween.

This occurred way too close to my home. Maybe it wasn’t near your home, but it just as easily could have been.

Something needs to be done now to end gun violence before things keep getting worse.

Please tell your state senators to urge Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lisa Baker to schedule a hearing for SB 60 (Universal Background Checks) and SB 204 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) in the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee. Do it today.

Let’s not wait until another deadly tragedy due to gun violence strikes.

Please think of the 14-year-old who will never ever celebrate Halloween — or anything else — again.

Mike Katsoff, Bensalem