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State Sen. Bob Mensch speaks at Caregivers for Compromise Rally

Yesterday, state Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) spoke on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg about his “Essential Family Caregivers” legislation during the Caregivers for Compromise Rally. The rally was held to protest the governor’s ban on visitors in long-term care facilities and in support of the essential family caregivers legislation.
Senate Bill 1279, sponsored by Mensch, would provide for essential family caregivers, or an “EFC,” in facilities during disaster emergencies. An EFC is any individual 18 years or older who, before visitor restrictions, was regularly engaged with the resident at least once a week. The decision to designate an EFC should be individualized and integrated with the resident-centered care planning and at the sole discretion of the executive director of the facility and only upon agreement with the resident or their representative.

“This particular legislation, Senate Bill 1279, to allow for essential caregivers, started with a friend of mine that has a 90-year-old mother in a home in Montgomery County and hasn’t seen in her in over 190 days,” Mensch said. “She loves her mother dearly, so when she called me and told me that other states were passing legislation allowing for essential family caregivers, I knew that was something Pennsylvania had to look at and something we need. This idea came from someone else, one of you, and that’s how powerful government can be.”