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State House adopts Polinchock resolution


In an effort to help those struggling with opioid addiction, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Rep. Todd Polinchock’s (R-Bucks) House Resolution 216 that would create a task force comprised of experts to find ways to break the cycle of addiction.

“I, and many of my colleagues, hear from volunteer emergency services personnel in our communities about how frequently life-saving Narcan is used to rescue the same individuals repeatedly,” Polinchock said.

“My resolution calls for the Joint State Government Committee to form a task force and advisory committee to study ways the Commonwealth can forge the next link in the chain of care for people struggling with an addiction.”

The task force would work with an advisory group of physicians, hospital administrators, EMS companies, law enforcement officials, and experts from drug treatment facilities. They would examine methods of collecting useful data, identify funding sources, and, most importantly, find ways to stabilize those addicted and get them into treatment.