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Sourlands preserve awaits exploration

More than 3,000 acres welcome visitors at D&R Greenway’s Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve.
Area residents are invited to experience this cool, deep forest in their backyard. The largest contiguous woodlands in the center of the state, the Sourlands have been called New Jersey’s “Central Park.”
Discover weathered basalt rocks that once hid Revolutionaries. Find “Knitting Betty Rock.” Listen to the soothing babbling of Stony Brook’s headwaters. Stroll over mossy rocks along the stream.
“If children are with you, remind them of Mole’s decision in Kenneth Graham’s ‘Wind in the Willows,’ “One afternoon, ... he formed the resolution to go out by himself and explore the Wild Wood.”
Salamanders, fox and even bear are found in this “reservoir of Central New Jersey biodiversity.” More than 150 species of birds arrive there from Mexico and Guatemala during spring migration, many nesting there now. This month, visitors will be treated to the notorious cacophony of “Teacher, teacher, TEACHER!” from the male ovenbird high overhead.
To find parking areas and trailheads, visit: