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Solebury supervisors lay out plans for 2019


New plans for the new year were on the priorities agenda for the Solebury Board of Supervisors on Jan. 22.

Plans for coherent development of the Route 202 corridor between Logan Square and Upper Mountain Road were greeted enthusiastically by the board.

“This might be an opportune time to start the process, said Dennis Carney, township manager, noting he hears feelers are out for various Route 202 projects, not just the mega Wawa proposed for Route 202 and Sugan Road.

He said the township traffic engineer estimates a study of traffic issues, stop lights, potential development and pedestrian access will cost from $20,000 to $25,000 followed by a concept plan for about $10,000.

The board plans to send the idea to the planning commission for its review and recommendations.

Another project that got favorable board reaction was applying for a $700,000 state grant, with a $300,000 local matching contribution, to extend the hiking trail from Sugan Road by the firehouse along Lower York Road to the corner of Kitchens Lane.

The decrepit condition of some state roads in Solebury was a major concern.

Chair Mark Baum Baicker said PennDOT has told him it has no plans for Solebury road improvements for the next two years.

“The condition of the state roads in our township is atrocious in a number of areas, from potholes on Aquetong, to loss of the entire edge of the road on Carversville Road.

“I don’t buy there’s no emergency funding available,” he said, noting, “We need some political help.”

To wit, on Jan. 25, Carney, and Assistant Township Manager Michele Blood planned to drive to Richboro to meet with newly elected state Rep. Wendi Thomas (R-178th) “and this is one of the things I intend to pursue vigorously,” he said.

A Land Preservation Forum will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, at the Municipal Building to get public input on how to proceed in finding preservable land, explaining benefits and the process, and how much should be preserved.

While Martin Luther King Jr. Day has come and gone, Baum Baicker said he had not realized that Solebury’s non-uniformed employees do not get the day off, while most other municipalities close down for the day.

So on his recommendation, the board voted to close the Municipal Building on MLK Day in the future and give non-uniformed employees a holiday.

Other board members’ concerns for the new year included:

John Francis – Moving the Aquetong Spring Park projects toward fruition and consider folding the Aquetong Spring Advisory Committee into the Park and Recreation Board;

Kevin Morrissey – Keep monitoring the New Hope Crushed Stone quarry through its “reclamation” date and explore future use of the property, which is owned by New Hope Crushed Stone.

Noel Barrett – Try to find a resolution for getting New Hope to pay for its sports teams using Solebury’s athletic fields. “I think it has to be resolved sooner or later.” Currently, he said, all but one the borough’s teams are self-funding.

Robert McEwan – Meet with the New Hope - Solebury Library leadership to better understand their long term plans and the township’s role in them.

Township Manager Carney announced he is thinking of retiring in two or three years and said he is training Assistant Manager Michele Blood in some of his duties.

Which prompted Morrissey to note that in that case the procedure is for the board to interview several candidates to the position.

“Yeaaa. But if I win the Lottery next week ......,” Carney grinned, and pointed a thumb at the assistant manager.