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Solebury supervisors focus on priorities for 2022


Solebury’s version of new year’s resolutions came Jan. 6 as the board of supervisors gathered to hone a list of priories for 2022.
Gathering public opinion via mailer surveys on possible projects was on the list including what to do with the12-acre Flea Market property purchased on Route 202. Possibilities there include passive recreation, active recreation for cultural projects, Supervisor Kevin Morrissey said.
Supervisor Robert McEwan also suggested public input on another referendum to fund more land preservation.

Other items included the reducing the deer herd to a manageable level, creating a bike trail from the Eagle Fire House to Aquetong Spring Park using grant money, more tree planting, and establishing permanent video recording and remote participation for supervisor and committee meetings.
A review of township ordinances regulating Airbnb establishments, signs, and leaf burning was suggested, as was a climate consultant, energy audit and climate action plan.
Also on the agenda was pursuing a service agreement with the New Hope and Solebury Free Library and matching new farmers with landowners who would allow farming on their properties.