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Solebury resets 202 plan review for Aug. 20

The Solebury supervisors are calling for a “reset” on their June draft proposal to revamp the Logan Square area with 667 new housing units, another 123 hotel rooms, small cafes, retail anchors and a clock tower, among other enhancements.

“It is now clear to the board that while the effort to ‘get out in front of’ further development on Route 202 was – and is – the correct approach, the June 18 presentation was not effective in getting that across, as it led to a focus on a specific vision of structures – not the 202 corridor itself,” according to the board.

In their July 3 joint statement the supervisors noted their “overriding goal is to improve traffic flow on 202, both currently and into the future” and that they “tried to tackle two recognized issues along 202: improving the flow on 202 in anticipation of increased traffic due to private land development, and the land development itself.”

The supervisors admitted that even some residents who have said they are not happy with the current situation along 202, “would prefer the status quo to the vision reviewed on June 18.”

At that meeting residents pointed out that much of the land in question was on private property, and that the additional housing would bring some 2,000 cars to the area.

The board responded that “we are on the verge of receiving multiple proposals for new construction in the 202 corridor. That would mean that ‘doing nothing’ is not an option.”

The board stated it was not its intention to endorse its consultants’ “visual imagery of a possible approach” presented in June, but to get public input at a future meeting. That meeting was to be held at the regular July 16 board meeting.

However, due to limited time availability in July, the board has rescheduled public comment on the issue for Tuesday, Aug. 20, from 7 to 9 p.m., following the regular 6 p.m. meeting.

Public comments can also be emailed to or mailed to Solebury Township, P.O. Box 139, Solebury 18963.