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Solebury plastic bag ban begins Sept. 19


It’s shocking to learn that a plastic bag is used on average for 12 minutes, but remains in the environment for 500 years, and that 91% of all plastics will never be recycled.

Beginning Sept. 19, businesses in Solebury Township will no longer be permitted to provide single-use plastic bags or plastic straws to patrons. Banning plastic bags In Solebury Township will achieve an immediate 100 percent reduction in one type of plastic pollution that would otherwise wind up in landfills, along roadways or in local waterways.

Ten states, including New Jersey, have banned single-use plastic bags, and a similar ban in Philadelphia has paved the way for smaller municipalities to do the same. While it’s a small step toward tackling a large problem, I hope that our single-use plastic bag ban in Solebury will encourage other municipalities in Bucks County to follow suit on behalf of the environment.

Christy Cheever, Vice-Chair

Solebury Township Environmental Advisory Council

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