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Solebury, New Hope hike library contributions


The Free Library of New Hope and Solebury might be small in size, but the number of local residents checking out books, attending programs and using its many services grows larger every year.

To help meet ever-increasing demand, the Solebury Township Board of Supervisors and New Hope Borough Council have each made an additional contribution to the library for 2019 – $20,000 by Solebury and $10,000 by New Hope.

“This is a significant addition to our 2018 contribution and represents our commitment to the library and the services it provides to our community,” said Solebury Supervisors Chair Mark Baum Baicker.

“Our contribution is a year-to-year decision. We work closely with the library’s trustees to keep them informed of the township’s needs and so that they can keep us apprised of their progress in meeting the goals of their strategic plan. This is an important investment, and we’re determined to see a strong return for all of our residents.”

Solebury’s total contribution for 2019 is $120,000, the largest individual source of funding for the library.

With the additional $10,000 grant, New Hope Borough

increased its total contribution for 2019 to $42,644, a 30 percent increase from last year. New Hope residents account for about 30 percent of the library’s registered users.

“Our library plays a central role in the quality of life in our town,” said New Hope Borough Council President Connie Gering. “Through its many educational programs, the 3D printer and online resources, the dedicated staff, and of course the books and periodicals, the library serves as a community center for all ages.

“Much of what we do in government is a balancing act. We work to meet the best interests of all our residents while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We strive to preserve the tranquility of our downtown and at the same time build a more vibrant economy. I’m confident that all of us working together – New Hope and Solebury, the library trustees and the friends – will find the right balance to keep our library thriving,” said Gering.

A check presentation to the library by Gering and Baum Baicker is being held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 26, at the Free Library of New Hope & Solebury.