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Solebury forum focuses on recycling


Getting rid of stuff isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Now that recycling is the law of the land, it comes with rules that don’t involve dumping that old black-and-white TV in the woods.

To bring residents up to date on what’s required and available in the world of recycling, the Solebury Environmental Advisory Council is sponsoring a public Recycling Forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, at the township Municipal Building, 3092 Sugan Road.

According to township Supervisor Kevin Morrissey, liaison to the advisory council, “The (supervisors are) of the opinion that it is time to explore new and additional approaches to improve Solebury community recycling processes. This forum will be an opportunity to share and, hopefully, implement some of these suggestions.”

Christy Cheever of Aquetong Road, who is coordinating the event for the advisory council, said the night’s topics will include practical recycling information, available resources, and legislation.

The two main speakers, she said, will be Jason Leck of Leck Waste Services and Patty Barthel of Waste Management haulers.

Leck will discuss passage of Act 101 in 1988, which required recycling in the state, Cheever said.

He will also touch on the subject of how China is cutting back on the amount of recycling materials it accepts and what that means for township residents.

Barthel will discuss the do’s and don’ts of recycling and and how long – if ever – it takes for it all to decompose at the dump site, Cheever said.

Patricia Lynn, planner-recycling coordinator for the Bucks County Planning Commission, will also attend and answer questions, discuss resources and waste reduction strategy.

As for that old black and white TV, don’t even think about putting it in the recycle bin at the end of the driveway.

It can, however, be brought to Solebury’s Saturday, June 22, E-Waste Recycling Event from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. rain or shine at the Municipal Building parking lot on Sugan Road.

The electronic waste disposals are for Solebury residents only and are free, with the township picking up the tab.

The dumpsters will be provided by 611 Metals Recycling of Pipersville.

Acceptable electronic waste items eligible for for dumpster are:

Answering Machines, Networking Equipment, Batteries (all types except Alkaline), Pagers, Cables/Wires, PDAs,Camcorders, Printers, CDs/DVDs, Printer Circuit Boards, Cell Phones, Other Electronics, CD Players, Remote Controls, Computer Equipment, Scanners, Computers, Stereo Components, Copiers, Stereos, Cords, Tapes Cassettes / VHS Tapes, Duplicators, Tape Players, DVD Players, Telephones, Electronic Typewriters, Telecom Equipment, Electronic Games, Testing Equipment, Fax Machines, Toasters, Hard Drives, Transparency Makers, Keyboards/Mice, Two-Way Radios, HouseholdElectronics, UPS / Power Supplies, Ink/Toner, VCRs, Lab Equipment, Word Processors, Laptops, Laptop Batteries, Mainframe Equipment, Microwave Ovens, Modems, Monitors (all TVs and monitors of all kinds must be kept separate and put into a separate dumpster).

Also accepted are all other metal commodities such as Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless and Steel.