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Letters to the Herald

Solebury charging station won’t benefit most residents


I want to add a comment after reading about the Solebury supervisors’ intent to add a charging station to the township-owned land at the Route 202 site of the former flea market near Logan Square (“Solebury looks to power-up with more vehicle charging stations,” May 4).

A while back, the supervisors sent out a questionnaire asking for suggestions on how to use this space. To date, nothing practical has been suggested.

The space is supposed to benefit most of the community. However only a small portion of residents own electric cars. Fairly affluent residents who can afford the expensive EV cars often live in homes and probably have home chargers.

The plan is to acquire a grant, however Solebury’s match could cost $25,000 to $50,000 to install the just four charging units.

It was indicated that it would take one hour of time to provide 32 miles of driving range and 30 to 40 hours for a full charge.

Unless you plan to eat at the local diner to occupy the time or walk to Logan Square to shop, I cannot foresee EV drivers waiting in their cars for the time needed at this location.

We were told that buying this land would benefit the community, but this would be an impractical use for this land, in my opinion.

Charles Mintzer, Solebury