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Snipes Farm receives Environmental Education Grant


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) awarded $434,168 in Environmental Education Grants to 55 projects that will engage youth and adults in Environmental Justice (EJ), climate change, and/or water quality improvement, expanding their understanding of these issues in Pennsylvania and providing skills to take responsible action to protect their environment.

Grants were awarded to schools and colleges, environmental and community organizations, and conservation district offices who applied in 2019 and met project criteria for funding.

Grant recipients include Snipes Farm and Education Center in Morrisville ($3,000). The grant will support a series of three classroom presentations and two local field experiences, called “Where Does Stormwater Go: Linking a School, a Town, and a Farm,” which provides hands-on environmental education to high school students in an Environmental Justice area and what citizens can do to effect positive change in their community’s environment.