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Six pigs rescued in Pennsburg

Six pigs abandoned on the side of Route 663 in Pennsburg, Montgomery County, were rescued by Logan’s Heroes and Last Chance Ranch the weekend of Aug. 3.

The pigs reportedly lost their home due to the intense flooding from the July storms in the area.

Chris Baringer, president and founder of Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue, received a desperate plea to help the pigs. She called in the assistance of Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue of Quakertown. Working together, they set up a corral on the side of the busy road and were successful in rescuing all six pigs.

The pigs, three of which are females that are likely pregnant, need complete veterinary exams to ensure their health. The cost to get them ready for adoption is estimated to be at least $800 per pig. The care for the pregnant females could rise well over $1,000 to provide the feed and supplies needed to raise piglets.

Logan’s Heroes and Last Chance Ranch are seeking donations to help with their continued care. They are also looking for qualified adopters or sanctuaries that might be willing to adopt one of these pigs once they are ready for adoption.

The pigs are currently sheltered at Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue, East Greenville.

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