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“Six Healing Sounds” Workshop offers ancient form of self-care


Koru Real Wellness will offer a workshop on the “Six Healing Sounds” 1 to 3 p.m. March 31.

An ancient form of self-care, the Six Healing Sounds is a series of breathing exercises used to create sound vibrations. The vibrations detoxify the internal organs and create emotional balance.

In the workshop, led by Diane Alex, participants will learn how to combine Qi Gong exercises with the healing sounds to help create physical and emotional well-being. In addition, participants will discuss the “Five Element Theory” and how it relates to the emotions, colors and the organ systems of the body.

Koru Real Wellness is located in Skyrun II Business Park, Suite D1, 4050 Skyron Drive, Doylestown.

For registration and information, call 215-348-5977.