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Shoot Your Shot! You can produce better camera photos


Let’s keep it simple today with a quick iPhone hack, so you can take fantastic pics in 2022.
Here’s how to blur the background to make the subject in your photo pop.
1. Choose the portrait mode (it’s next to the photo option on your camera setting)
2. Press the F button on the top right
3. Drag the line at the base of your screen to the left or right to choose your blurred effect – f1.4 on the left is the most blurred, f16 on the right is the least

4. Tap the item on the screen that you want to remain in focus until it becomes clearer (you may need to play around with this, and/or move farther away)
5. Take the pic!

While this is simple to some, this is one of the most asked questions I get about using your iPhone for photos.
Have a play and share some photos with me in the #365daysofphonephotography challenge on Instagram and get feedback (if you want it).

Natalie Napoleon is a photography educator and career pivot coach for creatives.