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SEPTA approves Fare Restructuring Plan


The SEPTA Board has approved a Fare Restructuring Plan that includes free rides for children under 12, one free transfer for transit trips and the introduction of new SEPTA Key three-day passes in the fall, according to a news release posted on the TMA Bucks website.

The plan was approved as part of the Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget and Fiscal Years 2022-2026 Financial Projections.

The restructuring plan originally announced before the COVID-19 crisis was adjusted in response to public feedback and to help customers during the region’s recovery. All proposed increases will be re-evaluated and deferred until at least January 2021.

The plan has remained focused on equity, affordability, and ease-of-travel for customers, even as the financial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic mounted. Revisions since the plan was first introduced in early March include elimination of child fares for transit and regional rail, extending the window of time for customers touse a transfer, and committing to advancing the benefits of the plan while delaying any fare increases.