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Letters to the Herald

Sen. Farry, support “red flag” bill


As a retired teacher, it’s distressing to imagine what the school day must be like for current teachers. When I taught first grade my only safety concern was, “Would Jimmy fall off the jungle gym?” If I were teaching now, I’d worry about, “When will the Pennsylvania legislature ‘get’ how to curb gun violence?”.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lisa Baker hasn’t yet held a hearing on the “red flag” bill passed in the PA House months ago. Similar Extreme Risk Protection bills have prevented deaths elsewhere, especially for people who are suicide risks or have a history of domestic abuse.

I applaud my state Rep. Joe Hogan, R-142, who voted for this bill in the House. I urge my Senator, Frank Farry, R-6, to ask Baker to hold a hearing and bring House Bill 1018 to a vote immediately.

One more thing — when I read that our legislature is considering a bill requiring each school to have an armed security guard, I was shocked. Detailed studies prove that more guns equals more homicides (article in the Trace).

I encourage Sen. Farry to vote “No” on Senate Bill 907. Even with added recent waivers giving schools some leeway, the bill deserves to die in the senate.

Lynne Waymon, Newtown

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