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Sellersville steps up support for Holiday House pool


Sellersville is increasing support for Holiday House Pool and Recreation Center in the wake of negative impacts from COVID-19.

Borough Council voted unanimously earlier this month to increase support funds for the community pool by $19,000. That brings the borough’s total to $34,000 this year.

The reason for the increase is rooted, in significant part, in the pandemic, said Borough Manager David Rivet.

“Holiday House Pool did not open this year due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns and the need to address leaks in the circulation system,” said Rivet. “With the pool closed, there is no user revenue coming in, but there are still large maintenance expenses such as mowing, regular maintenance, utilities and repairs to the aforementioned circulation system that need to be made.”

The funds will go to the West Rockhill-Sellersville Joint Recreation Authority. That entity was established 51 years ago to build the community pool and recreation center that’s become Holiday House Pool and Recreation Center. The authority continues to operate and manage Holiday House, Rivet said.

Sellersville officials feel Holiday House remains an important and beneficial asset for the community. Supporting it is a worthwhile investment during these difficult times, they said.

“Citizens benefit by having a recreational facility of this nature right here in the heart of their own community,” said Rivet.